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Advanced query

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Advanced query

I want to be able to do an advanced query that looks up all of the contacts in a specific company.


As in this example;


While working with a contact, in contact view, I want to lookup all the contacts from that company.


So, what I need to know is this: 


When I'm setting up the advanced query:


Type = contact

Field name = company

Operater = Equal to

Value = ***this is the part I don't know***


Is there a statement for the value field that means "current record?"


Using Act 9

We don't link to companies.



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Re: Advanced query

If you are simply trying to look up all the contacts that have a particular company in the Company field, then you can just do a lookup on the Company field itself. If you think the Company name may vary per contact (ie, ACME Company vs. ACME Company, Inc.), then use the "Starts With" operator. The Value would simply be the company name you are looking for. For a quick list, use a lookup. If you want to save the query or add multiple fields (like State or Zip Code), then use the Advanced Query.



Type = contact

Field name = company

Operater = Equal to (or Starts With)

Value = ACME

*If using "Equal to", result will be all contacts where the Company name is exactly "ACME". If using "Starts with", result will be all contacts whose company name begins with "ACME", such as ACME Shoes, ACME, Inc., etc.


Please see KB Article 19918 for more information on creating queries.

Greig Hollister

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