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Advanced Lookup

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Advanced Lookup

I am fairly new to act and would like to produce a list of contacts with email address that can be used by mail merge.

I have the default ID/Status filed under Companies that list the business category of the company. E.g. “Manufacture” but when I run a query on this I only get the Company information not the contacts.  So in the Contacts I have a field called “Primary Contact” so the query should have the following criteria.


List all Contacts (First Name, Last Name Company, email addresses etc. who:

  1. Are Primary Contacts and
  2. Company is in the United States and
  3. ID/Status = Manufacture

When I try to use the Advanced Query it will only allow me to add additional search criteria providing I stay within Company or Contacts, if I switch from Contacts to Comany they it will ask if I want to save the query and then start fresh.

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Re: Advanced Lookup

To get a query with Contact and Company data, you'll need to either use the ACT Reader utility or OLE/DB from Excel - both "outside" ACT solutions.


What I'd recommend instead is to use an addon called TopLine Dash -


This will allow you to run - and save - queries within the ACT environment.  A key function of this addon is the ability to combine data from different areas.  i use it all the time to "merge" Company, Contact, and Opportunity fields.

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant