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Adding opportunties to multiple contacts

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Adding opportunties to multiple contacts

I've been doing research in this forum, but have hit a wall.


I wish to import contacts (say, 100 leads). Once they are imported, I needed to add an opportunity to each of them with the relevant product.


I cannot see how to do this. A couple of posts in the forum seem to indicate that it's not possible. But I can't see how a CRM could not do this... after all, I am not going to sit for 100 people and go into each one, create a new opportunity for each one, and assign a product to each one.


Am I missing something? Can anyone help?


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Re: Adding opportunties to multiple contacts

Well a few thoughts on this...


Let us not forget, Act! is an extremely powerful program at a very low price-point - it can be purchased in some venues for as little as $89...


While there may be some CRM systems out there that offer what you suggest or something similar, I can say that even the 'big guns' solution for CRM from Sage - Saleslogix - does not do this out of the box.


It would seem relevant to really examine if upon import, 100 opportunities should be made for 100 new leads...?  Is a lead - typically an unqualified piece of contact information  - really an opportunity?  And even so, are all 100 opportunities truly identical?


Creating an opportunity for every new lead typically results in a lot of 'dead'/lost/inactive opportunities...  This in turn makes using forecasting tools more challenging and also creates a lot of data in the database that ends up being irrelevant.


For these - and other - reasons, Act!, and many other CRM systems,  does not create dozen of opporutinities in an automated fashion.


Your sales process may call for it, but it is unusual.


You might explore the various add-on vendors as they might have a custom tool that will do this for you.

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Re: Adding opportunties to multiple contacts

Thanks for the reply.


I do think just because a product is quite cheap, doesn't mean it should do fundamental things. In this case I do feel a lead is an opportunity. It may be a raw one, that needs maturation, but it's an opportunity none the less.


And if all those leads are for a particular product, they are at least initially the same.


On a technical level, I found one add-on that was out of date and another that didn't work. But I'm in dialog with the developers of the latter, and hopefully it'll be fixed. They have done a fix, but the new fix also has a problem so I need to talk it through with them.


I would welcome any thoughts on how you would instead record and track leads. I am aware with such systems that often someone has a better idea on how to implement something, and with that come clarity on how best to use the product.