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Adding contact to company doesnt link them?

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Adding contact to company doesnt link them?

Hello All,

Still testing Act 6 to 2010 conversion.  Ive been able to automatically and manually add contacts to a company via the button in the company view however it seems that when I add the contacts it doesnt link them to the company.  I have to manually select each one and  select link in order for the data to trickle through.  Am i doing something wrong?  I would think once you add a contact it links them.



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Re: Adding contact to company doesnt link them?

Hello Paul,

That is correct. Adding a contact to company and linking them to that company are two separate processes. The reason is that linking will update all linked fields in that contact when changes are made to corresponding linked fields in the company record. This is not always what the user intends. Unfortunately, there is not a function in ACT! to linked multiple contacts and companies en masse, but there is a relatively inexpensive add-on product called Company Wizard that can do this.

Greig Hollister

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