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Add new database into existing database?

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Add new database into existing database?

hi guys,

I'm still new to the whole SAGE software.. i have just imported my existing database to this program. If i were to import a database in the near future to the one i have now.. how do i check if it's already exist since there might be some existing contacts from the new data? Do i simply just import the new database and it will automatically detect any existing contacts?

There will bound to be existing contacts for the new list but  since i do alot of cold calls i want to prevent calling the same clients.


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Re: Add new database into existing database?

ACT has if you turn it on from Tools Preferences Admin Tab Duplicate Checking. But the field you select to check the values must be almost exact such as the First and Last name and Address Street.  There is by egrabber an Add-on that uses fuzzy logic to help distinguish those field to confirm if duplicate when importing mroe records.  If you have a way to code each record with a unique customer number life is good by duchecking based on just that field. 


If you need to import just new information in fields that you already have a contact record for you need to buy a third party Add-on that does field level imports not wipping out the other contact records fields data. I use Merge Admin but there are two others.