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Add Documents to Document Tab Not functioning properly

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Add Documents to Document Tab Not functioning properly

[ Edited ]

Using ACT! v17 for Web, when adding a document to the documents tab, "Upload File - Web Page Dialog" box appears. In the Box there is a header that says "Select a File to Upload".  There is a blank text box below the header.  Other than that, there is a "Cancel" button.  By accidental discovery, we figured out that double-clicking in the blank area pops up an appropriate "Choose File to upload Box" using a standard Windows dialog box.  After choosing a selecting a file and pressing the "Open" button, we are returned to a blank "Upload File - Web Page Dialog Box".  Although it appears it is blank, there is invisible text in the box (or text that is the same color as the background of the text box). So assuming you have the right file, there is now an "OK" button.  You have to click "OK" or "Cancel" TWICE.


So in summary:

1) Clciking the Add Document link opens a useless diaglog that is blank. It should open the "Choose File to Upload" box directly.

2) Assuming the Swiftpage will insist the useless "Upload File - Web Page Dialog" box will remain, then there should be a botton available to click to browse for files.

3) Once a file is selected, and the user is returned to the useless "Upload File - Web Page Dialog", the text of the selected file should appear.

4) Also, I beleive that if the  "Upload File - Web Page Dialog" box remain, then at least make "Drag and Drop" available to select files.

5) Clicking on either the OK or Cancel button ONCE sould suffice.