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Activity weirdness...

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Activity weirdness...

There is some truly strange stuff possible with activities in Act...


Try this situation:

- Log in as user A. Schedule an activity with contact X, add user B to the contacts of the activity, but leave out user A.

- Check user A's activity tab. The activity is not there. Which is what I would consider normal since he's not in the activity.

- Check user A's calendar. The activity IS there. Why is this? He's not in the activity, he might have scheduled it but has nothing to do with it.

- Log in as user B, go to the activities tab and clear the activity. Activity is cleared and gone (if you don't have show cleared activities on).

- Log in as user A,C,D or whatever user that's not B. Go to user B's record and go to his activities tab. The activity IS there. Reason: User A who scheduled the activity, is not in the activity at all, has not cleared it. This is really confusing and not logical at all.


Also: please make a small tool that cleans up orphaned records in the database, we have over 6 000 activities that are in no way visible or accessible or removable from our database.

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Re: Activity weirdness...

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I understand what you describe but not sure why you are doing it this way or maybe misunderstanding question.


Correct method To create an activity for another user change User under Schedule For option or is that what you are doing?

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Re: Activity weirdness...

I agree that this is the wrong way of doing things. I'm not arguing with that.


I'm saying that with 35 users a bunch of em are doing things wrong despite repeated encouragement not to.


But I'm also saying that the fact that it's even possible to create this confusing situation in the first place is a big mistake on Act's end.

Even the whole schedule for option you mention brings a lot of misery, for example:


- User A schedules a meeting for user B using schedule for, but does not include user B in contacts in the activity.

- User B sees the meeting in his agenda calender, he does not use the Activities tab and assumes everything is OK.

- User C checks user B's activity tab and doesn't see the activity only visible in user B's agenda calender. Tries to schedule with user B at the same time....