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Activity mishaps.

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Activity mishaps.

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We seem to have encountered another bug in Act. This time with the activities. Users that have automatic rollover enabled for meetings will get a dialog window asking if they want to rollover their meetings. However the number of activities in this dialog window includes all cleared activities aswell. If the user accepts this, these cleared activities will get reschedualed for that day. So if the user had a recurring meeting each week, cleared it each week, lets say 16 weeks have passed so they have 16 cleared instances of that meeting. If they choose to roll-over they get 17 instances of that meeting that week (1 for the weekly meeting, 16 that got rolled over).


Personally I can't see why anyone would want to roll over a cleared activity. Cleared means done, those shouldn't appear in that roll-over window.


Another bug we've seen is people getting alarms for activities long past and cleared. I haven't been able to replicate this bug though.


n a PM i sent to G;Holister I asked for when the next hotfix would be released. He replied to me: "In the next 2 to 3 weeks". Currently that was more than 2 months ago. [Edit: Inappropriate comment removed per Community guidelines]This forum seems pretty dead, and only the easiest and simplest of questions seem to get awnsered. Our entire company is currently regretting having switched over to Act Premium 2011. Our boss even ordered us to start investigating alternatives if sage doesn't clean up its act (no pun intended). We'd like to stay with Sage Act seeing as switching to another system would be quite an investment (crm cost itself, training users, research into different crm systems, trying to get our act data in the other crm, ....), but sage will have to really work on act and fix the bugs before they start adding any more functionality.