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Activity details 'flickering' when a lot of text is entered.

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Activity details 'flickering' when a lot of text is entered.

Possible defect.

Act! v20 Premium Update 3 & Update 4.  Tested on 3 separate computers, in both a production database & Act 2018 demo database. 

Computers tested on were Windows 7 & Windows 10, both 64-bit.


Issue: When an activity's details grow too large, editing becomes very difficult.  A window flickering - possibly due to an autosave? - results in poor user experience.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new activity on Act! calendar
  2. In the details, paste a large amount of text data.  Here is a pastebin dump of some sample data from the customer that reported this to me.  
  3. Place the cursor anywhere near the top of the details, and begin editing.  Try adding line breaks, new characters, and backspacing in particular.  The text gets rapidly highlighted, jumps to the end, then back up to the cursor position... as if the program is autosaving the details as you type, and causing this to be uneditable.

Customer claims this was not happening on v18.0, as he has had this particular detail info rolling for a long time.  Even if I cut the amount of data in half, the flickering is still present.


Thank you in advance for any insight.


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Re: Activity details 'flickering' when a lot of text is entered.

Hi Stephen - I've tested this on v20 and can confirm that this issue seems to occur whenever the activity details become larger than a single page (whenever there is a scroll bar).

It's less noticeable at first as the 'flicker' is very quick - but the longer the details become the more obvious the flicker is. Every time a character is deleted or certain other actions are taken the window scrolls to the very bottom and back up, and selects then deselects the entire text.

This is definitely unintended behaviour - I'll get this escalated to the developers for further testing.
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Re: Activity details 'flickering' when a lot of text is entered.

[ Edited ]

Thank you, Jon.  Our company is experiencing this as well.  Please keep us posted, as it is difficult to edit the text while this is happening.

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Re: Activity details 'flickering' when a lot of text is entered.

The cause is easily explained. The details are stored in Rich Text Format (RTF) which uses embedded test based formatting information. Virtually every edit you make will cause the formatting and possibly the formatting encoding for the remainder of the document from the edit point.
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Re: Activity details 'flickering' when a lot of text is entered.

We get the same flickering behavior in activity details in version 20 update 7; every keystroke of ENTER or BACKSPACE takes 10 seconds. I have been in contact with support/chat/voice to get the issue resolved. It has apparently been escalated to the development group but I have no way of finding out if this is reality. I have been told it 'could' be done in the next update but 4 updates of v21 have come and gone and still nothing. Is there a way to find out IF and WHEN this will be resolved.