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Activity anchor date triggered by field date

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Activity anchor date triggered by field date


using 2010 Premium


I have a date filed that I would like to use for the Activity Anchor date. Sometimes, this date may be a few days or weeks prior. I have a trigger to create the Activity but it defaults to the curent date. I can manually changed the date, when the Activity pulls up, but I am trying to automate the process.


Any thoughts or add-ons?






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Re: Activity anchor date triggered by field date

There are two ways to do this


a) Get a copy of Northwoods SAM and this could create the activity based on a field date or


b) Get a custom add-on written for you to do exactly what you want by changing the default history to the date in the field and then you can schedule the activity or activitiy series. I have done this for the default history item to change from appointment to call or to-do but have not done it for activities series to date.

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