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Activity Series (Creating) - Time of Day is not available

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Activity Series (Creating) - Time of Day is not available

Does anyone know if you can allow Activity Series to either set a "Time of Day" or PROMPT for a specific Time when Run!


I can't specify a time for my Meeting Activity - it defaults to TIMELESS which is USELESS!  I have to
go in to the Calendar and edit ALL Activity Series manually every time.
No one books a meeting, call, or email with someone WITHOUT a scheduled time???
I want to default ALL my activities series to certain times.

Solution I'm Looking For:


Allow users to pick a "Time of Day" for each Activity in an activity series or a time for the entire series (either will work)
Set the Activity Window identical to scheduling a Meeting, Appointment, or Call, and allow the user to specify an exact "Time of Day" makes the Activity series worth while now.
Then we wouldn't have to go back into both Tasks every time and change the time from Timeless (useless) to an actual Time of Day

Please let me know of a fix and if not PLEASE FIX THIS SAGE!!!

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Re: Activity Series (Creating) - Time of Day is not available

Activities created via an activity series MUST be timeless for them to work reliably. I actually created activity series using macros back on ACT! 2 and discovered they must be set to timeless to work. Reason, if the activity being created has a time component and it happens to conflict with an activity already scheduled, the series execution will abort and ask to accept the conflict or reschedule the activity. This is avoided by forcing all activities created by an activity series to be created timeless.

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Re: Activity Series (Creating) - Time of Day is not available

Hi gthomp,

Setting the time in an activity series template is not currently possible. The logic behind this is that the activity series is most likely to be used to set a general outline for future follow up activities, and usually the time of these activities will vary depending on the availability of whoever they are scheduled for. These times can then be filled in afterwards on the individual activities.

What is your particular usage of this feature? i.e. Are you trying to set a future call/meeting, and then automatically schedule a follow up call at a later date? There might be a better workflow for what you're trying to do.