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Activity Emails & Reminders

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Activity Emails & Reminders

I am current using ACT 2009 (v11) and am planning to upgrade to current version version.  In addition to opportunity management, I use ACT primarily to maintain student schedules for my tutoring business, from which I typically have up to 80 activity students at a time.    I am hoping to add the following key functions to the system:


  1. Send auto-reminders (emails or text messages) to contacts for activities (tutoring sessions) n hours prior to the the start of the activity
  2. Extend the activity table to record AND email  the following session related information
  • Attendance (drop-down of choices-- atttended, canceled, absent, make-up)
  • Additional fields to that show student performance (effort level/focus, description


Are there specific ACT add-ons  that could do the trick with minimal coding.  I am technical, and make my way through VBA or similar scripting if necessary (not sure what ACT supports).


Thank you,



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Re: Activity Emails & Reminders

Hi Art,

You're right in thinking that you'd need a 3rd party addon for most of these features. There are quite a number that you can find here -
You could possibly use the results field for your first bullet point, with custom activity and add you choices as result types.