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Activities Roll over

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Activities Roll over

is there any way of telling how long an activity has been rolling over?

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Re: Activities Roll over

not through the user interface.  That is one of hte downsides of rolling over.  There may be an activity create date you could access via the OLDDB reporting interface, but i'm not sure.


We generally train two ways.  1) only roll over a limited number of activities if you don't care how long they roll, or a finite list so you can keep track menatllyl.


Another way would be  to use the task list.  Don't roll them over, but set the filter to display past activities, then do them and then change it to today.    Past activities can be erased, completed or rescheduled.  This is a more disciplined approach, but yields better communication practices.

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Re: Activities Roll over

I am a new user. 


Notwithstanding the fact that I meant to back up my outlook clanendar, but failed to do so...I was syncing my ACT calendar with Outlook and was asked somewhere the seemingly innocuous quuestion: "would you like to roll over uncleared activities to today?".  It rolled ALL my recurring events, like birthdays, to yesterday, then it synced with Outlook, and now everyone's birthday is yesterday.  Are you saying there is NO WAY to tell when the original date for these "activities" was?  Is there any way to look up those original "activity" dates?


And that leads me to another question: is there a way to post something on a calendar, such as a holiday, and not HAVE to clear it or act as an "activity"?  There is no activity for a holiday to complete.  What am I going to "do" for Christmas that I need to "clear"?  I just need to be aware of when it is.



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Re: Activities Roll over

We have developed an add-on called Impact Suite for ACT that has those two features you are looking for among others..


1) In the task list view you can add any field from the activity and or contact such as ID/Status, Zip Code, or Original Date.


2) On the calendar you can display holidays from over 40 countries without creating activities in the database.


Learn more at:



-- Jim Durkin