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Activites Issues

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Activites Issues

I have ACT!2011 Premium with Windows XP. I totally regret loading this version. Among many problems, here is another one that just popped up:


When I looked at my Calendar for Oct 2010, on Oct 7th there are over 4000 activities scheduled (the size of my database) for Birthday Reminder. No one scheduled such an activity. I can only delete one at a time and this will take me over a week sitting here and doing them one by one.


Another issue that I have mentioned before but could find no solution so far is: when I turn ACT on I get a list of over 4000 (the extend of my database) Smart Tasks waiting from June 12, 2010! Again Birthday Reminders. I went to Smart Tasks, deleted all pending ones (thousands) and then I also deleted the template for Birthday Remindering (I don't ever want to use it) but I can't get rid of the Pending Smart Tasks window. The same one keeps popping up whenever we turn the program on. This is extremely annoying and is forcing me to make S/W change decisions just about anytime now. There must be an answer to this when no such things happened before this version.

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Re: Activites Issues

I woudl suggest that you need to look if the ACT to Outlook synch is turned on as this will put your contacts into Outlook and if you have the birthday field entered Outlook creates a task for the birthday by default.


I would suggest you speak with a local consultant as most have a tool that can remove activities en masse and then look to removing the item in the startup that starts the ACT to Outlook synch

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