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[Act2012 Premium] Seeing wrong History/Contact Details after lookup.

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[Act2012 Premium] Seeing wrong History/Contact Details after lookup.

We've been experiencing a problem (actually from before Act 2012 even) where if we do a lookup that results in several results, if we select one of these results, we ocasionally end up getting the history for the first result in the lookup.


So for example, we do a lookup on "jo", get the results:






We choose John from the lookup result list, get taken to the record, but the history is Joey's history.

The contact details at the top are usually correct, but ocasionally we'd find Joeys phone number, John's fax number, Joey's e-mail, John's address, ....


So basically things are getting mixed up. Redoing the lookup, or even restarting Act usually resolves the problem, but it is getting quite anoying. People are looking up a company, getting another company's phone number, calling them and this results in confused people on both end. We've told our users to be extra careful, look out for the obvious stuff (like a german phone number for a dutch contact record and so on) but this is costing us extra time and money. Is this a known bug? Is there any way to fix this?