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[Act2012 Premium] Indexing service going haywire.

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[Act2012 Premium] Indexing service going haywire.

A while back when we switched to Act 2012 Premium we noticed the Indexing service, and although the universal search is quite useful, we didn't like the amount of hard disc space it was taking.


Seeing as our database with attachments was bordering on the 40GB Mark, the index was pretty much that high too. We managed to decrease our attachments size by a program we wrote to archive the attachments in older e-mails, and de-duplicate any attachments that were duplicates. Deleted the index and ended up with about a 25GB database + attachments folder. So at that time we also had about 25GB of indices.


Now a little over a month after switching to Act 2012 Premium, the indexing service seems to have gone haywire. It started indexing things again, even though nothing new had been added, the indices are quickly growing over 50GB and we had to shut down the service because our server was running out of hard drive space. So now our users are without Universal Search.


Why did Act's indices suddenly start doubling in size after more than a month. If it's going to do that every few months, then no matter how big a hard drive you throw at it, for us it'll never be enough. This can't be normal and intended behaviour now can it. Does anyone have a solution to this?


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Re: [Act2012 Premium] Indexing service going haywire.

Running into the same issue here was wondering can we disable the indexing in windows 7.