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Act! v20.1 Outlook Address Book Glitches

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Act! v20.1 Outlook Address Book Glitches

Act! Premium v20.1  Windows Client

Outlook 2016


Problem: clicking a contact email address in Act! will open an outlook email window addressed to the Outlook address book contact, not the Act! contact


Example & steps to reproduce:

1. Create a contact w/ email address in the Outlook address book - Example Chris Huffman

2. Have the same contact in Act! with the same email

3. Try emailing the contact - Outlook email compose window appears and works well....

4. Now change the email address for Chris within Act!.  Change it to for example.

5. Try emailing the contact from Act! - Outlook email compose window opens an email addressed to the old email address.


Effectively means that once a contact is in Outlook, then the Outlook address book always gets overruled priority.


Only solution I found was to delete the Outlook contacts list, OR set up 1-way sync to continuously update.  

Some users like to have their Outlook contacts separate from Act! as their personal address book outside of the production database, so deleting is not always good.  Neither is cluttering with a massive sync.  But if there is any overlap between the two, then sync is mandatory.


Also a lesser UI issue: when emailing an Act! contact who is not in the Outlook contact book, then the Outlook compose window only shows their email address.  The previous build of Outlook integration would show the contact name with email in <brackets> if they had been emailed previously.  This is minor but I've had users point it out as being a downgrade.


Any tips or advice welcome, thank you.

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Re: Act! v20.1 Outlook Address Book Glitches

Thanks for the info Steve, I'll escalate this for further testing by the product team.