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Act v17 for Web on Server Essentials 2016

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Act v17 for Web on Server Essentials 2016

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Anyone have any success running Act Premium for Web v17 on Server Essentials 2016?  I installed the application, All of the Website administration tests checked out successful except the test run on the browser.  On IE11 i get either "Server Application Unavailable" or a blank screen depending on whether I run the App pool .net in classic or integrated mode.


Swiftpage does not show it is supported on SE2016, but I wanted to check with any savvy consultants out there before committing to v17 on SBS2012, or upgrading to v19.2 on SE2016.

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Re: Act v17 for Web on Server Essentials 2016

You're right it's not supported - but if you managed to get the program to install, chances are you should be able to get it to work.


Make sure the app pool is set to run 32 bit applications and integrated usually works best.




Aside from that, there could be permission issues, make sure that you've created a dedicated local admin account to run the service as, and that you're using those details for the Act! Website Administration wizard.


You should also consider setting the APFW application to use 'specific user' sign on, instead of pass-through authentication - and then entering the details of the created admin account.




If none of this helps, if you can get us more details of the Server Application unavailable errors, we might be able to help!


Fair warning though - v17 is not tested or supported with Server 2016, and it's not something I've ever attempted before.