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Act v17 Network/Internet/Web Port Confusion

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Act v17 Network/Internet/Web Port Confusion

Hi there.


I think I'm a bit confused about what ports I need and which need to be forwarded and what needs to be running.


I have Act v17 Premium running on a Windows 7 Pro machine.  I have the Act Network Sync Service running with port 65100 configured in it.  I believe I have port 65100 forwarded to this machine.


I also think syncs are working from within the local network properly.  I'm running into two problems.


The first is that I can't seem to do a sync over the internet.  I created my remote database, installed Act, logged in successfully, but when I try to sync, I get "Act! is unable to connect to the sync server.  Check to be sure "accept incoming sync" is enabled int he main database and that the Network Sync Service is running.  Also be sure you are connected to your network."


Well, network sync does seem to be running, but when I log into Act on the "server" and try and click enable sync (port 65100) I get an error "could not start sync server...please check that the sync server port is able to listen for incoming connections."


Do I need to use two different ports? Do I not need to click "enable incoming connections" if the Network Sync Service is already running?  I'm clearly a bit confused.



The second issue is that I am not able to log in via web site, but that may be unrelated (or may not be).


Thanks so much!