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Act sync instructions confusing

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Act sync instructions confusing

  1. Running Vista Home Premium SP1 on 2 machines. 
  2. Both machines set up from a clean image from master disks and brought up to date
  3. Folders shared on both machines with full access 
  4. Network sync loaded on master machine on port 65100 and running
  5. Macafe running but full trust on the Lan enabled
  6. Tools/Sychronise/accept incoming syncs returns "Could not start sync server. Act has encountered a problem...."
  7. When the remote tries to sync it seems to generate disk activity on the master but then the remote sasy it is unable to connect to the sync server.

Any ideas please?

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Re: Act sync instructions confusing

No need for item 6 - that's only for Application sync and you're running Network sync according to item 4.


Most likely it's the Firewall on one (or both) of the systems - try turning them off.


Failing that, what version of ACT!?

What is the full error message?