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Act server in domain?

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Act server in domain?



I'm installing a new Act!v16 dedicated server to Act!16 Premium for Web with the database shared and iis server onto our system.
Does my new virtual server have to be part of the existing domain?
It is of course NOT the Domain Controller.

What are the pros and cons of attaching the new server to the existing domain?




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Re: Act server in domain?

I've not tried it not connected to the domain (when the DB is in the domain)

Is there a reason you'd want this?

If it's about security - You can have the IIS server in a DMZ (between two firewalls) ... limit the account on the IIS server and only allow Act! SQL traffic through the internal firewall

I do this on a single physical box using VMware with 4 VMs - Win db serv; Win web serv; 2 small Linix VMs for firewalls