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Act running a contract ageny.

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Act running a contract ageny.

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I spent some time reading the posts here.  There are some knowledgeable people on the forum.   Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post but I think my question is okay here. 


I am part of the team for a new start up engineering firm looking to operate a little like a contract agency where we track customers and candidates allong with their resume.  With the Web version of Act Premium is it easy to track a candidates resume?  Will emails handle a little HTML code like the bold and color use my email signature?  How well does she sink up with Google docks?  I suppose I can just make the link work online but if a different user logs in the link might not work properly?  Maybe some of you on the forum use Act to manage the fast number of candidates with resumes already?  just currious how you do it?   Ive been thinking of using Google docs to manage the resumes w/ online Act because all our team members are in different cities.


Oh... and to use Act online (web) it looks like I need the corporate edition?  That sounds intimidating already and so much more expensive. 


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Re: Act running a contract ageny.

  • Tracking resumes is really a question for what you want to do with them... sometimes better to take the data and feed to standard fields while also attaching the resume to the contact for referal.
  • The best way to do HTML emails is with ACT! E-Marketing (SwiftPage) 
  • I don't know of a link specifically for Google Docs... What/How would you want them to link? Google Docs doesn't really provide an interface for good linking
  • Yes, you need the Premium Corporate version for Web. You can also do this hosed via sites like