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Act "working" all the time

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Act "working" all the time

I'll try to describe this best I can...


Often times we notice that Act (ACT! by Sage Premium 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 1) has a little pop-up window that indicates it's "working"


I can't copy the window for some reason - but it's a little gray box that says "Working..." and has circles that fill in across it indicating it's doing something.


This is the case even when Act isn't really doing anything on the machine. Is this some background tasking?


At an idle state on my machine right now ActSage.exe is using 144,776k of memory and 2650 GDI Objects. And the box is there chugging away.


The only way to make this box go away is to close Act and reopen it. Often times, this box is hidden behind other screens on the desktop so it may go unnoticed for hours. Any ideas what it's doing and why the box pops up? Is this a possible reason behind the achingly slow access times that we sometimes have to deal with?