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Act on Desktop and Laptop

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Act on Desktop and Laptop

I have Act running on a 2008R2 server.  I connect locally via a Windows 7 Pro machine and have the Outlook Integration installed on that machine.  It seems to be working nominally with Outlook 365.


I also have a Win 10 Laptop that I use when out of the office (which is a lot of the time).  I log into Act via a web browser for this.  Again with nominal results.  I do not have Outlook Integration installed on the laptop.


My question is this: if I install Outlook Integration on the laptop, will Act begin duplicating emails (one entry from desktop and another from the laptop) from Outlook into the Act History???  If so, I certainly don't want to install Integration on both machines.




Chris B


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Re: Act on Desktop and Laptop

I know that other experts in this topic will give you their respective opinion (I am not an expert, this is just my opinion)
Remember that there are two things that are different: Integration and Synchronization...
The integration is used to record the history of the emails sent (Automatically) and the received emails (Manually)and begins to work at the moment when the integration is configured
Synchronization is basically used to have a copy of Contacts and Calendar Activities in Outlook - in this case we are not transmitting mails and history records of the mails
So ... achieving integration in the Windows 10 Laptop should not duplicate the history of contacts because the history records that are going to be created are from the emails that are mentioned exclusively from this Windows 10 Laptop - that is,  from now, nothing historic
I assume that you connect to the database from the Windows 10 computer through the local network ... I mention this because a good idea could be to create a remote database that synchronizes through LAN and WEB, and This way you can always keep your contact information and calendar handy without the need to synchronize with Outlook - What you can do is keep the integration to create the history records of the emails sent and received
How do I set up remote database synchronization in Act!? - CLICK HERE
I recommend making a backup of your database before this and any procedure that involves the massive change of information or the structure of the database - this backup should include the attachments and should place a copy of that ZIP file in a USB memory for more security
(Act! Server) File - Backup - Database (Include attachments and click Browse to place that backup in the Documents folder on the server)
Anyway I suggest consulting that with your ACC - Act! Certified Consultant
Best regards and happy holidays