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Act! for Palm OS (3.0) alarm issues

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Act! for Palm OS (3.0) alarm issues

I'm back on line with another difficult problem that has something to do with the bugs in Act! for Palm OS (v 3.0). Is there anybody out there who knows anything about this product?


When you create an event or to do with a reminder alarm, this goes over to the Palm, and even if the activity itself is deleted from the PDA and desktop, the alarm stays. The programmers forgot that the alarms have to be linked to particular activities and removed or changed when they are!


I have been trying to create a series of activities (I enter them one week at a time now, because the recurring activity feature of the Act for Palm does not work either) on the desktop. They are entered into the calendar without any start times (that is a limitation of an activity series). However, I know the time they actually occur and I need a 30 minute alarm warning. I create the series. Go to my calendar and drag the activities to the correct time in the calendar. Then I sync. At 11:30 pm every night, the alarm goes off for the 6:00 pm activity, evidently because the desktop created a 30-minute alarm when the timeless activity was actually created.


Does anyone know a solution for this problem? Is there a way to remove the alarm for a non-existing activity either in the desktop or on the PDA?

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Re: Act! for Palm OS (3.0) alarm issues

Act for Palm OS ver. 3.0 worked very well for me. You just cannot pair it with Act ver 11 or higher. You can only use it on Act 2008 or version 10. When I bought it, I only downloaded from the Act estore. However, I recently bought a new computer and I need to re download Act for Palm v. 3.0. I just can't find a way to get it! Does anybody know of a way I could get one?

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Re: Act! for Palm OS (3.0) alarm issues

Hello FDRichards,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


Please see your Private Notes for a link to download.


If your new computer is Windows 7, please keep in mind that ACT! for Palm was never tested to run on that operating system. 

Greg Martin