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Act! V17 Pro to Premium Cloud Quirks and adding users

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Act! V17 Pro to Premium Cloud Quirks and adding users

I run a single station with Act Pro V17.2


My goal is to add another user that would access the database from a remote location. I see that ACT only seems to offer the Premium version now.


I suppose the cloud version would be the way to go as I really do not have the time to deal with any technical issues. I downloaded the trial and even had my database uploaded.


Some issues I noticed:


  • seems a little slow (I use some other cloud software that responds better than ACT)
  • Tech notes suggest IE over chrome but I could not get contacts into detail view in IE. Worked fine in firefox though
  • Word integration does not seem to be working. Followed all prompts to download tool but nothing
  • In list view it does not show how many records are listed. In desktop it does. I like this feature as I sort and filter the list nd choose a 100 records to send a mailer to.


My biggest goal is to be able to assign a new user and assign them a couple hundred records with a couple clicks. If that user does not work out, then I need to be able to reassign them to a new user quickly. Obviously I want to be able to view their activity as well.


I assume I make them record manager? On my desktop I can select multiple contacts from list and go to contact>edit contact access But I do not see this feature on the cloud based feature. How do I make that happen quickly? I also want users to only see their records. Does that mean I have to change the status of every record. I have around 2500


Whats the best way to follow up on a reps work? History and filter by user? In the web version I cant seem to double click on the account, just open the edit menu.


Last but not least, I have two databases. One for prospects and one for vendors. Does the premium cloud version only allow you to use one database?


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Re: Act! V17 Pro to Premium Cloud Quirks and adding users

Hi Judd,


Welcome to the Act! community!


You've brought up a few concerns here, so I'd like to answer each one individually.


  • Efficiency is certainly a big concern for any company looking to use Act! on a daily basis. With this in mind we are always looking for ways to increase the response time when accessing your data from our servers. Slowness can be caused by any number of factors and the cause can vary depending on what you're doing. The next major release of Act! features a more streamlined user interface designed with performance in mind.


  • When using IE with Act! Premium Cloud we recommend disabling pop-up blockers and adding your database address to the Compatibility View list. If this has already been done, I'd like to gather some more information about what is happening; what happens when you load the detail view? Can you include any images?


  • If the Word plugin download isn't even starting, I'd suggest checking Compatibility View and disabling the pop-up blocker as above. If it's still the same, it may be worth contacting our support team so we can troubleshoot it further.


  • It is normal for List View not to display the number of contacts in the lookup in Act! Premium Cloud. I can see that it's clearly a very useful feature for you and have logged it as feedback for our product team to review. Who knows, they may already be planning to implement it!


  • The option to replace the record manager for an entire lookup isn't available in Act! Premium Cloud at the moment, however it is possible to reassign all of one user's records to another user when you go through the user deletion process. This will change the record manager for all records under the original user's name to the new user.


  • To make users only visible by one user or team, you will need to go into each contact and make the change on each. This is something I've also provided some feedback on as I can see the clear benefits it would provide to be able to do this en masse.


  • You can keep track of your staff's work by using one of two methods; either use the History List and click "Select Users" on the toolbar to only show history from specific users or use the Notes and History report accessibly from the Reports menu to get a concise report of their notes and history. There are several reports available for this purpose. For more information on running reports, take a look at this article.


For more information on hosting multiple databases in Act! Premium Cloud I recommend having a chat with your account manager. Let us know if you need their contact details.


Thanks again for your time and I hope this helps!



Chris Manders
Cloud Operations Analyst