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Act! Premium for Web Outlook Integration problem

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Act! Premium for Web Outlook Integration problem

I'm having trouble setting up Outlook Integration for Act! 2013 Premium for Web.


I'm using Act! Premium (Web) 2013 version


I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2010 version 14.0.4734.1000 (32-bit)


The Act! database  is being shared from a server (shared database) - that server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard


I am using a Windows 7 laptop with Outlook


I'm having 2 problems, and I am not sure if they are related. First, the install file for Outlook Integration isn't downloading properly. When I go to Tools>Preferences>Email>Email Integration - the download button does not give me a setup file. Instead I get Download.aspx. I was only able to get the integration software from the Act! software installation DVD.


Well, I started the process of getting Outlook to work with the Integration software, But I cannot get it to work. This is the second problem.

When I try to start the software, either through Outlook or starting it by itself, it crashes. I get Sage.Act.Integration has stopped working.


When I open Outlook, I get this error message: Act! Premium for Web address book cannot be accessed - then prompts me to configure it. There is no Act! address book there, so I press add. I enter the Web Service Address as it appears in the Email Preferences section of preferences.


The block I am running my head against right now is "The Act! Premium for Web Service can not be reached at this time. The database may be locked or the network connection may be down. Please try again later."

I have edited the web.config file to allow for Outlook Integration. The database is not locked. I can access Act! through the browser just fine.


I'm using port 84 for web access to the Act! databases because port 80 was being used by the company. I'm not sure if that is part of the problem.

I've looked through the forums for answers, but if this has already been solved, I would love a link to the solution.

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Re: Act! Premium for Web Outlook Integration problem

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Hi Ryan,

For the Download.aspx problem I think you are probably using Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer, try the download again via Internet Explorer and then you should get the "SageACTIntegrationSetup.exe" file to download.


For the  "The Act! Premium for Web Service can not be reached at this time" problem this may be due to the time on your machine being diffeent to the one on the server. If it is more than 5 minutes out then you get the problem.


These may help

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Re: Act! Premium for Web Outlook Integration problem


Having the same issue.

By time do you mean in the same time zone?

I am Eastern, but our server is probably in Calif.

Could that be the issue?