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Act Premium for Web 2013 and 404 Errors

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Act Premium for Web 2013 and 404 Errors


I recently installed ACT Premium for Web 2013 with Hotfix 3.  One of our users is having issues with almost everything in ACT.  If they click on contacts or Lookup/companies they automatically get a 404 error.  No other users have reported this issue so it seems isolated at this point.  Our company standard for a browser is IE 9 with the latest patches and Windows 7 for the OS.


I verified the ACT site is in the Trusted sites zone and also the pop-up blocker is disabled.  I also verified no toolbars were installed that could be causing issues and cleared the temporary internet files.


Does anyone have any ideas? 


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Re: Act Premium for Web 2013 and 404 Errors



  Have you tried running the site in compatibility view?  I doubt that will fix the issue, though.  A 404 error simply means it can't find the site for one reason or another.  Let's check the basics:


Are they having problems on any other site?


Are they accessing the site using an internal ip/hostname?


What happens when we ping that site for a bit?  Do you have any lost packets?


Are they getting the 404 error very quickly, or does it take some time?  (Could be a repeated loss of network connectivity)


Are they on a wired or wireless network?

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