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Act Premium Web - Cloud STRUGGLES

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Act Premium Web - Cloud STRUGGLES

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Hi - 


We purchased ACT premium Cloud at the beginning of 2016, we had our database from version 16 desktop downloaded by ACT into the new database and have had nothing but problems since we got it.  We have 8 users, some have high speed wireless, some have high speed cable DSL, and some have satellite dish internet, all at varying speeds.  Our pages do not refresh.  Notes from one "lead" stay in the note for another when trying to switch leads, we cannot add leads correctly as the same happens with old notes from other customer pages.  And we cannot get anything to type in at even a remotely decent speed.  Does anyone else have this problem? 


We've been on hold with support numerous times.  We've filled out claim tickets and never heard anything back. And now they tell us we don't have support... when we couldn't hear back in a decent amount of time in the first place. 


Any suggestions on how to make this system that we spent 4,000 on work for our employees? 

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Re: Act Premium Web - Cloud STRUGGLES

There is actually no way to sign up for Act! Premium Web hosted by Swiftpage where you wouldn't have support unless you are month to month and your service has lapsed.  Give me a call or send me an email and we'll see if we can get your support straightened out.  You can send me a private email on the community or you can get my information from


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Re: Act Premium Web - Cloud STRUGGLES

Although ACT may be the problem I would first look at security settings on the server to do with virus checking. Is it trying to dynamically look for virus in the ACT program and folders etc?

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Re: Act Premium Web - Cloud STRUGGLES

We are currently investigating a very similar issue where activities/histories show for the wrong contact. This is a refresh issue which is currently under investigation and has a very high priority.


On a side note, the vast majority of customers experiencing this problem are using Google Chrome. Internet Explorer seems to work ok for most customers. Might be worth checking if IE works any better for you.