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Act Premium Mobile Upgrade

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Act Premium Mobile Upgrade

I have a few questions for Act Premium users. I currently am set up on Act pro 2012 v14 and my primary concern is enabling mobile device access for my users. First of all is the whole database launched onto the web via html or is there still a standalone program that supports the cloud? Second should I at all be worried about a loss/ corruption of data between my current database and the potential upgrade? Next say I am using a Iphone to acess the web based mobile part of Act when I look up a client and see their phone number can I seamlessly place a phone call with one click? And will it automatically create a history of the phone call? Will the same thing go for an email or text? Finally does anyone know an approximate cost of upgrading from v14 to v16 premium?


I am currently weighing my options on what is the most efficient and fluid poa in terms of getting mobile acess. I have been trialing Handheld contact and anyone with relevant information comparing the two options and even making reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Act Premium Mobile Upgrade



you have several options on this,


  1. with act16 for web you have a very good view on most data via web, you can try this when using this Link (user Chris Huffman, no password)  If you want to host this, we strongly recomend a firewall, with http/https proxy
  2. our recommendation, if you want the data offline, (or you want to share it with your free hand speaking device of your car is Handheldcontact as this will work in any location no matter how fast your Internet connection at this time is
  3. there are other solutions like companion-link or 123sync, where outlook gets involved. (with all up´s and down´s)


upgrading from act14 to 16 should not cause any loose of data, but you can download a trial of act16 and make a test migration, (you need a virtual pc, or a pc that is normaly not using act, as a downgrade is not possible)




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