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Act Premium 2013 Mobile help needed

New Member
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Country: USA

Act Premium 2013 Mobile help needed

I updated to the latest service pack today and now my searching capabilities do not when using my droid or iphone.


Any help is appreciated.

Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Act Premium 2013 Mobile help needed

A bit more information will be needed in order to help you.

Firstly, is the database and the application on the same machine?

Secondly, have you checked to see if the file is running on the service list?

Thirdly, is Universal Search working within the Windows client?


These last two are related, but worth tested individually in that order. If the service is stopped, your issue will be fixed with a simple restart of the service.

If your database and publishing application are on different server's, then you will likely have to edit your config file to point the search command from the local host to the IP of the database server.


Given the problem started after a recent update, I'm inclined to think #1 is not related.


Good luck.



Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
Toronto, Ontario