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Act Premium 2013 Memo Field

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Act Premium 2013 Memo Field

Created a memo field . The entered text does not wrap around the end of the field properly. When I reach the right side of the field I need to type about 20 characters before the text appears on the next line. Hitting return does not help. The only work around I have found to date is type my memo and then use the space bar to get the test to move to the next line. Anybody experience the same issue and is there a solution. Thank you Lloyd Bedik
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Re: Act Premium 2013 Memo Field

Lloyd Bedik,


  I have seen similar issues happen with memo fields and other text boxes in programs not wrapping properly.  A lot of the time it's because Windows isn't displaying the Memo field properly due to other settings on the computer, but it could be something else entirely.


What version of Windows are you in?


Please follow these steps for your version of Windows, then reboot, and let me know if the Memo field is still giving you the same behavior.

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