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Act! Premium 2012 Web & IIS 8?

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Act! Premium 2012 Web & IIS 8?



I am moving a customer from a WIndows Server 2003 environment to a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment and am trying to setup Act! Premium 2012 Web on the new 2012 R2 server.


I have SQL 2008 R2 Express installed which works well with the standard desktop program.


However when I try to install the Web edition, it says that it needs to make a change to IIS which requires a reboot of the computer. I imagine this is to do with setting it to run in 32-bit mode. This option is enabled in the IIS settings:



The installer reboots after apparently making a change, but when it comes back on it just repeats the same process in a loop. e.g. it gets to the "need to make a change to IIS" step and then reboots again.


Is there a way to get Act! to work in an IIS 8 environment? I am not sure how else I can make this work other than installing another server with a different OS that supports IIS 7...


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Act! Premium 2012 Web & IIS 8?

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Act! 2012 obviously wasn't written to support Server 2012 - As per:

That said, this is the install procedure (Admin Guide with more details linked at bottom):

This might also help (although written for Act! 2013:!TechnologyCorner.pdf

And see this for a discussion on some other issues:

Some points to look at:
* You say it works with Premium ... did you uninstall that before installing Web? Or are you just referring to the Web Admin Tool?
* The .Net for Act! 2012 was 3.5 ... not 4.0. Don't think this should make a difference
* You might create a separate App Pool and manually create the Impersonation Account - As per:
* Act! 2012 had issues if on the same server as Sharepoint (info on this in the 30084 link above and the Admin Guide)

If none of that helps, maybe check the Install and Event Logs for any errors

All that said, even if installed, you'll have other issues with Act! Web 2012 ... eg:
* Reports can run slow -

And WORST of all - it won't work properly with current browser versions (IE or Firefox)

All that being considered, I'd really recommend upgrading to Act! v16

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Re: Act! Premium 2012 Web & IIS 8?

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Hi, same problem but with ACT! Premium (Web) v17


- iis 8 and set the app pools to work with 32 bit

- windows server 2012 standard

- admin account with permissions and run as admin


Did you found a workaround?


Thank you,