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Act/Outlook email sync questions and errors

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Act/Outlook email sync questions and errors



We have a company of about 30-40 users working on a shared SQL server for Act V18.2.53.0, Update 2.


We all have Microsoft Office 2016 installed and are subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus.


We all have Windows 10 Pro.


First issue:

Act and Outlook synchronisation across the company keeps 'disconnecting' in some way for users. It's not very consistent and it's very hard to keep track of which user's emails may not be recording history in the database unless it's checked week on week in the history. I understand Microsoft office sometimes will disable an add-on if it takes too long to load but we've made sure that 'always enable' has been checked on each user. 


Is there reason why this is happening? How can we check it more efficiently?


Second issue:

Some users (again not consistent) will send emails to users in the database only to discover that the queue in the ‘Attach to Act! Contacts’ box is stuck processing one or more emails. Only when you hit stop and remove will you see that hundreds of emails have not been processed. When you try to reattach these emails the issue repeats itself.


I have disconnected and reconnect these users Act/Outlook synchronisation which temporarily fixes the problem but then it just reoccurs a few days later.


I noticed another post on the forum from user ‘MrGreg’ is having a similar issue which he noted in his post about a week ago. 



Third issue:

Some users Act/Outlook integration simply won’t record emails. There is nothing different between these users set up and the others. All the settings are the same in both Outlook and when following the steps in the email wizard. It just simply won’t record email history.


I am having our support guys look into it on our side of the IT department and I will update this post if they find anything today but if any of the Solution Authors have any thoughts on the matter it would be great to hear from you.



Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Act/Outlook email sync questions and errors

Hi Katy,


We suggest this tool to assist those users who have this disconnect issue you are facing (Act4outlook):


In addition to attaching emails to contacts, this tool will also allow you to attach to Companies, Groups and Opportunities.

Michael Kadlub
Act! Support Manager
Keystroke Quality Computing Inc.
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Re: Act/Outlook email sync questions and errors

Hi Michael,


I have to agree with you and am using your Act4Outlook very successfully and will be recommending this to all my Act! clients.


Katy - I can show you how to use this.

David Shaw
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Re: Act/Outlook email sync questions and errors

Hey Michael,


Thanks for this quick reply!


I will definitely check this out. I've actually been in contact with Keystroke before when they moved the xact and exponenciel add-ons to their site. But I didn't know about the Outlook tool. They seem to know their stuff.