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Act Memory Usage

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Act Memory Usage

I currently run Act 2008 with 20 users on SBS 2003. I find that Act chews up up to 2.5GB RAM which is making the server run close to capacity. I want to expand by another 10 users in the near future so wondered what the best way to do this is in light of the memory issues.


1. Does anyone know if Act will run with physical address extensions?

2. Will Act run on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise


Either of these options would free up the RAM to allow me to increase users on Act but does anyone have any other suggestions to save me memory?





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Re: Act Memory Usage

Which processes are using up all the resources.  You can leave ACT! closed on the server and users will still be able to access/sync.  If SQL is the process using the memory, setup a Windows task to restart the service nightly.
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Re: Act Memory Usage



Are you suggesting in your post that the only way to manage ACTs SQL Server memory is to kill processes?  Normally the “sa” or the like user would use SQL server configurations to limit the server memory made available to the SQL instance for ACT.  Are you aware of a more appropriate memory management protocol for ACT7  beyond killing processes?
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Re: Act Memory Usage


What services are consuming RAM? Do you have synchronising users or are all users live to the database?

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