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Act! Companion Update 1

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Act! Companion Update 1

Act! Companion version 1.1 is now available on both the Apple and Google Play stores for download. Please be advised that this feature is available for Premium subscribers, who are on active subscription. Below are the listed feature enhancements, and if you have any questions feel free to respond to this thread or contact a representative at Act! for more details. 


What's New in Act! Companion 1.1!

  • Associate your contacts to the history that you create within the Companion application - When clicking the '+' sign, you will be able to 'Create History', but with this version you can actually associate that to a Contact
    • Simply type the '@' symbol and start typing the contact that you want to associate
    • Once you start typing, you'll notice that a search query pops up and gives you options of which contact to associate
    • Upon selection, that contact will be populated in the text of the history that you were writing, and thus, will be tied to the contacts field on the history within Act!
    • This functionality includes the new ability for type ahead search within Act! as well as fuzzy matching for searching (detection and association based on a few key letters matching), providing the user the ability to do work in a social way
  • Need to create a history item while searching and working through your contact list? Well, guess what? You can. In this version, we've added a button that will let you 'Create History for ContactName' while diving into the Contact Detail - This is a start to the quick action functionality, and users can create contacts and associate directly to that Contact's record all from the click of a button
  • Revamped login user experience - We've updated the login screen to include tool tips (displayed as hints within the login fields) and provided new logic that will eliminate additional spaces from the text in the field to make authentication easier

The evolution of this application will be continuous with the application launching new updates every 4-6 weeks, and our next major release coming in April. I'm sure you're wondering, what's next between now and 19.2. Well, here's a preview:


  • User Experience improvements - add Regarding, Contacts/Participants, location to the Activity details on the app's main view, improve the filters to the Contact List search, add a horizontal menu for extremely easy navigation
  • Schedule an Activity or a To-Do
  • Create/Edit Contacts
  • Notifications enhancements
  • Settings (Turning notifications on and off) and smart caching

If you have questions or want to request a feature be added, again respond to this thread or contact Act! 



Jeff Hanrahan - Sr. Product Owner (Act! Platform - Portal, Act! Companion, Contact Link and Web API) 

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Re: Act! Companion Update 1

It would be really useful to be able to choose which columns to display on the Contacts page. Currently it just shows a phone number and email address. If not selectable it would be better to display Company and Contact Name columns.


Glad to see the apps getting continuous development and regular releases are planned. Keep up the good work.

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Re: Act! Companion Update 1

Hi !


I have tested ACT! Companion on a fresh install of ACT! Premium v19, demo database, web-api settings as the installation guide said. Works fine.




When I moved our previous database (ACT 2011 version) to the new server, the act! comapnion login is not working there.


This is how I did it:

backup database on the old server (Act Premium 2011)

restored it on the new server (Act V19)


Unable to login with Act! Companion to this database, however I am able to login to the demo database.


Seems, that ACT! Comapnion is only working, if the database was originally created with ActV19.

There must be a workaround ....


ideas welcome

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Re: Act! Companion Update 1

Hi m.zsolnay,

Just to confirm, are you using Act! Premium with Act! Connect Link to generate your server URL?

There may be some differences in the field structure in the 2011 database that makes it incompatible with the Act! Companion app.