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Act 3-6 Document Conversion Wizard not-working

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Act 3-6 Document Conversion Wizard not-working

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We're seeing an issue where even though our ACT! 5 Database converts with little issue.  Our documents/attachments (.wpa format) are still the old version. 

We can open/save each individual file (all 3700 of them) which will allow them to open fine in the ACT! for Web Version (otherwise they display error 1-401).


Attempting to use the Tools - Convert Act 3-6 Items to convert them appears to work correctly, however none of the file stamps are touched and they all still display the error.  


When troubleshooting, we discovered that all the files were ACTUALLLY converted, however they were dumped in the  My Documents\ACT!\ACT! for Web\Documents folder and had random 36 character hexidecimal sequences appended to the file name. 


For example:

mas-a00630.wpa became mas-a00630 ddc63756-f823-491c-908b-64e054f2c012.wpa


Renaming the file to remove the 36 char string and moving the file into the correct location solves the issue, but that is just as troublesome as open-convert-saving every single attachment!


Theres nothing in the event viewer and we've tried 4 different databases which all exhibit the same behavior.  


Anyone have ANY ideas what the heck is going on here?



We were able to work around the issue using a bulk file renamer and deleting the final 37 characters before the extension.  But I think this is something that DEFINATLEY needs to go in as a bug.

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