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Act! 2013 Premium: Export to database problem

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Act! 2013 Premium: Export to database problem

Using Act! Premium 2013, I am trying to export contact from one Act 2013 database to another and the Notes and Histories will not export.  This creates a big problem for me, because I sometimes move contacts back and forth.  For example, I have an archive type of database that I would move old, in-active contacts to.  Now I can't do that effectively because I HAVE NO HISTORIES OR NOTES WHEN THE CONTACTS ARRIVE IN THE "EXPORTED TO" DATABASE.  Also, I have a situation where I've createda a new, updated database and need to export some of my main contacts from the old one to the new one and my contacts many years' of history will not come over.


This issue worked in the 2012 version.  Is this a glitch with 2013? 


Any recommendations/input?


Thanks for your help!


(BTW - I did ask a similar question about this in a thread about exporting issues, but never heard back, so I posted here in a seperate thread.)

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Re: Act! 2013 Premium: Export to database problem



 I've been importing and exporting data with notes/histories in 2013 most of the day.  So I can say for sure that there isn't an issue with 2013, SP1.  This is one of those situations where we would like to see this happening for ourselves.  If your filters are set to show everything, and you have all of your duplicate merges set properly, you should see notes and histories when exporting to another database.


Can you give us a call in support?  The general number is 800-927-3989.


If you cannot, I would strongly recommend running a full database repair/rebuild on both databases (Even a brand new one, just to be sure) and try the export again.  The details of the database rebuild procedure can be found here:

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