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Act 2012 and Outlook 2010

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Act 2012 and Outlook 2010

So, we just spent a good chunk of change to upgrade to Act 2012 premium.  We were told we'd finally beable to integrate our users who are using Office 2010. Now in the process we dicover Outlook 2010 64- bit is not compatible. WHAT?  That would have been nice to know before the purchase, and why not? Most macjines these are are 64 bit, which means they will most likely be using 64 bit office. 


Tell me how I can get the Office 2010 to run in 32-bit compability, so we can actaully use Act 2012. Or, is this all just a waste of time and money?  

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Re: Act 2012 and Outlook 2010

ACT 2012 System Requirements list the following " - Microsoft® Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 (32-bit version only) (SP3 recommended for Office 2003 and SP2 recommended for Office 2007)"


You will see a great many posts in this group going into this topic in a variety of detail.


You should see an option when installing Office to install in 32 bit mode.


Here is the link to the ACT 2012 System Requirements if you'd like to see the entire document (Click Here)


To answer the obvious question of why didn't Sage.....  This is from Microsoft (Info Page here0


For example, this additional capacity is needed only by those Microsoft Excel users who require Excel spreadsheets that are larger than 2 gigabytes (GB). The 32-bit version of Office 2010 provides the same functionality and is also compatible with 32-bit add-ins. Therefore, the 32-bit version of Office 2010 is installed by default.


Hope this helps.

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Act 2012 and 64bit Outlook 2010

I downloaded the trial of ACT!, and your excuse for Sage not enabling support for 64bit 2010 Outlook users, I find without merit; most Microsoft office users are using Windows64 bit these days, and by the time they get around to selecting a new CRM program they will undoubtedly have a large database already setup in the 64bit Outlook. And as for most users not needing the extra capacity of a 64bit Excel, is ludicrous.

If this is the final answer to us prospective users of ACT! then I will not be buying it.

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Re: Act 2012 and 64bit Outlook 2010

I suggest that you read the document referenced by the following link. Pay particular attention to the part about whats in the 32-bit version of Office 2010 that's not in the 64-bit version.



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Re: Act 2012 and 64bit Outlook 2010

Windows 64 bit is not a problem, it's only Office 64 bit.

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