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Act 2012 Sync Issues

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Act 2012 Sync Issues

I have been an Act user since 1989.  We have a 7 user license and try to manage our sales team using Act.  Unfortunately, last year we just could not sync.  Act support could not solve the problem and in fact deleted server files which crippled us. 


After thousands of dollars and lots of down time we got back up and running.


Now, the same this is happening and we have not been able to sync since 10.16.12.  After speaking with our Act person, our IT person and the sales staff we have decided to bite the bullet and finally switch to GOLDMINE.  It can't be worse.


My question is does anyone else have these issues and has anyone else made the switch from ACT to GOLDMINE?



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Re: Act 2012 Sync Issues

I haven't heard of anyone that had unsolveable sync issues with ACT!.  What sort of problem are you having?



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Re: Act 2012 Sync Issues

eCHO STAN'S response.  SYnc has been very reliable for the past several years.  


General rule or syncing.

Sync often the more often you sync, the more reliable. The longer you wait, the greater the liklihood you may have problems.


Syncning when set up properly just works.  we have groups of 40, 50 and more users syncing without issue for years at a time.


Consider an ACT Certified Consultant.  Most IT Guys have never set this up before and you would gain from someone with experience.



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