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Act 2012 Premium is a TERRIBLE product!!

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Act 2012 Premium is a TERRIBLE product!!

I just want to tell everyone - get out of ACT. I was suckered into it, but this product CANNOT be cleanly uninstalled and reinstalled.  The result are errors and unable to even share the data base.  Even today their own tech support could not resolve a problem leaving my actdiag with errors.  They could not resolve it.  What absolute junk! Next step is to demand a refund and delete this garbage product.  if you are having problems - give up. I have wasted sooo much time on it - time will be better spent looking for a more reliable product.

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Re: Act 2012 Premium is a TERRIBLE product!!

The best solution is to get an ACT! Consultant involved ... they'll nearly always give better advice than Sage support. Note, I am NOT one, I just recommend them.

Most issues with installs are actually not ACT!, but the .Net or SQL environments.
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Re: Act 2012 Premium is a TERRIBLE product!!

It is completely understandable the frustration when the ACT! Implementation Process  have problems and more understandable when you try to uninstall and become problems for your system.


There are alternatives that allow Solving this situation, such as Server Virtualization (Finally if you have a Virtual Server compressed backup - can start again without major complications)


Another alternative is to make hosting the database on a Web server.


In its implementation is always advisable to be accompanied by an Information Technology Professional and especially if the professional is certified in the latest versions of ACT!.


Everyone has problems in life, but the solution is not throwing things away, but to make the problems a chance to learn and grow.


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Re: Act 2012 Premium is a TERRIBLE product!!


I empathize.  I've been there...the things I said and wrote about ACT make your comments look nice...HOWEVER, I will tell you that in the end it was worth it. 


Believe me, my frustration level was off the charts.  I don't think there's adequate support for a conversion or installation.  Support can't always help.  The list goes on.   But if you can hang in there, you'll be glad you did.  We couldn't work without ACT! today & I'm glad I perservered.  Hang in there & best of luck.