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Act 2012 Failure to Reinstall

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Act 2012 Failure to Reinstall

I have had some sort of catastrophic failure of Act 2012. It originally installed successfully without any issues months ago. Recently I noticed that data was being corrupted (fields were disappearing), so I decided to reinstall it. I uninstalled it successfully, and then reinstalled it without any difficulty. I manually installed the SP1 and hotfix 1 then 3. I tried this twice. In both cases no SQL ACT7 instance is created. I tried uninstalling SQL entirely and reinstalling it according to the KB instructions. It gets to the very end of the installation and then I get an error SQL Server 2008 R2 has stopped working. Database Engine Services Failure. I cannot load or create any Act databases, although Act loads properly.


I can't use Act at all. Can someone provide clear help on this?

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Re: Act 2012 Failure to Reinstall

So, apparently SQL is not installing correctly.  You didn't mention which KB you have tried, but I would try:

1. Uninstall all SQL components

2. Browse to 'C:\Program Files' and rename the folder 'Microsoft SQL Server' (ex: 'Microsoft SQL Server - old')

3. Reboot the computer

4. Install SQL manually using article: KB Article 26994

If this does not install correctly, it should provide additional information about the cause of the failure.


Greg Martin