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Act 2011 where is Google integration?

Tuned Listener
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Act 2011 where is Google integration?

Hi,  I just received the notice that Act2011 is coming out soon and that you are offering a 30% discount.  I read through the information that came with the offer and it seems that you have been working hard at new features, thank you and congratulations. 


For 2 years I along with countless other Act users have been asking about direct integration with Google corporate eMail and calendar, along with SSL email. Some of us just don't want to be bothered with MS Outlook and would like to use our own, safer email clients.


Please tell me that you have listened to us and have included it, but simply did not mention it in the ad.  Please don't tell us the 30% you are offering us is because you wanted to save money and some brainy accountant said don't spend money on the Google integration, and you decided not to put it in.....


Please, please tell us that you listened to your customers and that you just didn't mention it in the new features section...Smiley Very Happy