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Act 2011 Premium Shortcut problem.

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Act 2011 Premium Shortcut problem.

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We've encountered yet another problem in Act 2011 Premium, this time relating to attaching files as shortcuts under the document tab. When a Windows 7 client attaches a shortcut file to, for example an excel file, a windows XP client won't be able to open it. Windows Vista and other Windows 7 clients however can open it. The shortcut is also 2KB as oposed to 1KB when a XP client attaches a shortcut. I've looked up the .lnk files in the attachments folder and when I open these directly on the XP client they open.


This is on 2011 Premium SP1 HF4.


So in short


XP PC attaches shortcut -> Windows 7/XP/Vista can open it from act, no problem at all.

Win 7 PC attaches shortcut -> Windows 7/Vista pc can open from Act, XP PC receives an error

Win 7 PC attaches shortcut -> opening the .lnk file that is created in the attachments folder on a XP PC opens without problem.


The error received by the XP Client is the following:


"There was an error opening the attachment. It may have been deleted by another user, created on a database that does not synchronise attachments, or you may not have access to the file path."


This is yet another of the pretty serious bugs we've found in Act 2011, we've reported quite a few of these on the forum, yet have not seen a single fix for any of them. Having contacted our supplier, a "Sage Certified Act Consultant", we've pretty much landed on deaf ears, they haven't been able to help us with a single problem. Having contacted Sage Belgium we at first received a hopeful response that our problems were being handled, yet months after that single mail we've heard nothing more. We, as the IT department, are seriously getting depressed when anyone even so much as mentions the word ACT. We've spent quite a large sum on Act, upgrading every year, for 30 users. And the only thing we have to show for it are more bugs, and non-existant customer support. Not to mention the countless hours of time doing research, making these posts, checking back for awnsers, trying to figure out what's going wrong and general tech support for our users when these problems arrive.

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Re: Act 2011 Premium Shortcut problem.

Experiencing same problem here.  Would be really interested if there was a known fix for this problem.  This problem causes great inefficiencies here at our office.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Steve Stover

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Re: Act 2011 Premium Shortcut problem.

We've found that when you attach a shortcut under documents, it also makes a library document history item. An XP user can open the file with the library document link under history. After having opened it on a XP PC using this method once, the link under documents seems to start working too. It's quite a strange bug.
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Re: Act 2011 Premium Shortcut problem.

We've tested this on 2011 SP1HF5 and 2012 HF1. Still not fixed in either version.

XP Clients still get this error when opening a shortcut attached by a Windows 7 user.


Error message


Opening it on a Windows 7 or Windows Vista PC as said earlier is no problem at all.

Worse even, the workaround (opening it from the "Library Document" history item) seems to be removed from Act 2012. In the tests on the trial we no longer got the "Library Document" history item when attaching something under documents.



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Re: Act 2011 Premium Shortcut problem.



I was speaking with a technical geek only the other day about some similar issues. It appears that when WIN7 and XP are on the same LAN there is some DNS structure that is interrupted. A couple of question and some other test you might be able to do


a) Where do the machines get thei IP address from or are they static IP?


b) If they are not static IP try setting them up this way and see if the problem resolves?


c) Shut down the network and only start the XP boxes, does the problem still exist?


As I understand there is something that can be done and it is a combination of SQL settings and the fact that you have a mixed enviroment but these questions should be able to be answered by Sage technical and or programming staff.



Paul Buchtmann Australia
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Re: Act 2011 Premium Shortcut problem.

Ip's are static.

Have tried C doesn't work.

I'm pretty sure the problem is ACT-specific. Seeing as when i browse manually to the Attachments folder on the XP machine, locate the .lnk file Act creates, and click it, it will work.


I only get the error when opening the shortcut from Act, on a XP PC (when the shortcut is made on a Win7 pc), under the document tab.


In Act 2011 when you attach a shortcut or document under the documents tab, it also makes a "library document" history item. Opening the shortcut from the history item works too. Act 2012 seems to remove the library document history item function though.


We are slowly upgrading our clients to 7, but currently we're at 10 Windows 7's, 2 Vista's, and 20 XP's. This is giving us some problems.