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Act 2009 Premium on SBS2003 r2 Premium with Sql

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Act 2009 Premium on SBS2003 r2 Premium with Sql

Can anyone provide or point to words of wisdom regards deploying Act 2009 Premium onto a SBS 2003 server.

For 5 years we have successfully used Act 6 (a non sql database) on our SBS network with only the data files centrally located on the server.
Act 2009 uses a sql database and Sage state that Act must be installed on the server, which I am most hesitant to do as Act contains an email and word processing capability.

The server has installed

Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2

Microsoft Server 2003 sp2

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 sp2

Microsoft ISA Server 2004 sp3

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 sp2
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 9.00.3042.00

Microsoft Sharepoint Sevices 2.0 sp3

Microsoft Sharepoint Sevices 3.0

Symantec Backup Exec 12

Symantec Endpoint Protection

.NET framework 1.1
.NET framework 2
.NET framework 3

Definitely NO Outlook Word etc

I am considering installing Act 2009 using an Act Sql express instance on a stand alone machine with Act 6 installed in able to convert the ver6 data to sql.
My plan was then to manually create an Act instance on the SBS server and then restore the converted database to the server from the client and then allow other clients to connect. But I am concerned about permissions and if indeed this will work at all.

Any contributions will be most gratefully received.

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Re: Act 2009 Premium on SBS2003 r2 Premium with Sql

Your plan sounds like a good one. The email and word processor functionality should not be of concern, those are optional functions.  If you install ACT on the server and it does not find Word or Outlook installed, it simply will not add them as options in the setup preferences.  As for permissions, you need to make sure that your ACT! users have full permissions to the directory where the database is located.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Act 2009 Premium on SBS2003 r2 Premium with Sql

Hi Greig


Thanks for your posting


Can I ask for clarification please.

My plan sounds Good?

Is that my plan not to install the Act program on the server but only on the client machines.

If that is allowed the install knowledge papers state that the program MUST be installed on the server machine to enable the creation of the pad files.

What is the work around to this position?


My main concern over placing the Act program on the server is two fold.

You state that “ms outlook” is optional but what is the position over actmail. The actmail.exe file seems to load with the program install. Is this safe in relation to Microsoft knowledge base 266418 ?

(Short extract -----The types of Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) programs that may be affected are custom MAPI store providers, custom gateway and transport providers, and extended MAPI clients. These issues occur because versions of these two products produce a conflict of the MAPI subsystem that may not be cleanly reconciled without breaking either Exchange or Outlook.) I have read a few posts in this forum recommending not to install Act on an exchange server which is of course exactly the case with an SBS box. I have no idea of the effects of having outlook on an exchange box because it is simply a no, so I am relying on your knowledge to inform me if it is safe for actmail to be present in relation to MAPI.


The second reason is actually not a concern rather simply the hassle of having to create an H drive on the server to enable the upgrade as Act6 had never been on a server, all the clients simply mapping to a shared folder mapped as H. The UNC links in the data will simply be handled by a cname alias. I can’t have been the only person to have had this set up.


Thanks for you help