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Act 2009 Calendar

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Act 2009 Calendar

I have noticed an inconstancy in the number of events or calls that I have scheduled in my daily calendar. When I am in the calendar, on the right hand side, it lists out all of the people I need to call. Example: Today I have and can see 18 calls that I have to makeOn the bottom underneath the daily view on the left, It gives me the total activities. It should say 18 activities - 18 calls, 0 meetings, 0 to-do's, 0 custom


However it always seems to have more calls than what are scheduled. Today it shows 23 calls vs. the 18 that I count on the list of customers. There is a phantom extra 5 calls that seem to rolls over every day. I do not know nor can I find these calls.


I have looked to be sure all scheduled calls and activities have been cleared. In tasks the number of calls & activities match at calendar list. It is just the tally at the bottom that does not matchHow can I fix this?

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Re: Act 2009 Calendar

There is a reported issue with Act! 2009 v11.0 having an incorrect calendar task count, and it is reported as fixed in the V11.1 update.  To determine the version you are running, go to Help > About Act!.  If you are running V11.0, here is a link to instructions for downloading/applying the V11.1 update:  

How to Download and Apply the ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.1) Service Pack

Greg Martin