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Act 2009 - Address Table-How does it work?

Tuned Listener
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Act 2009 - Address Table-How does it work?

We use Crystal to generate all kinds of reports through ACTREADER. I have a strange situation regarding mailing addresses that hopefully someone can give some insight.


As I understand it ACT uses a single Address table that can be linked to Contact, Company or Group entities. Whenever I build a report in Crystal that uses Companies and  I link to the Address table using the company ID field I sometimes get more than one row back for the address. I tried different link types in Crystal and the same thing (left outer, for example).


I recently decided to take a closer look at the Address table to see what was going on and it looks like that some address records have multiple copies that link to the same company record. Currently I have 1450 sets of three records, where the Address table primary key is unique to each address record, but the company ID field is exactly the same and points to the same company record. The odd part is of, the three records, two of them do NOT have actual addressd detail (state, zip, etc).


Anyone have any insight/documentation/etc on why ACT would keep these extra address records? Or better yet, a way to purge them?


Currently I have maintenance run weekly on the database.


Thanks in advance.