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Act 2008 Upgrading to 2009: Considering web

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Act 2008 Upgrading to 2009: Considering web

I have four users on a shared, server based database.  I would like to be able to offer my users, and customers a web based portal so am considering upgrading to Act 2009 as I understand it comes with web functionality.


However as I read some posts it appears that I am confused about what comes with Act 2009.  Is Act for Web a different app altogether?


Also for the customer portal my idea is to create a seperate database for each customer and host their client information online.  Then I can export their specific info, from the main, internal shared database, into their seperate one.  Am I able to run multiple web based databases with this product or am I setting myself up for disapointment.

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Re: Act 2008 Upgrading to 2009: Considering web

ACT! Premium for Web is a different product but is compatible and designed to work with ACT! Premium. You can purchase ACT! Dual Access which allows named users to access the ACT! database via Windows (Premium) or by browser (Premium for Web)

What you need to consider is that ACT! is licensed per user. So it is not practical to have each of your customers logging onto the one database as each would require a license. Yes, technically you can run multiple databases, export data from the mail to the seperate databases but that would be inefficient and I would think in breach of the EULA (End User License Agreement)    


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Re: Act 2008 Upgrading to 2009: Considering web

In ACT! 2008 you were required to purchase a license to access the central database via the Windows product and another to access the same database via a web portal. There were Dual Access packages at that time, but there were significantly more expensive than the Windows package by itself, forcing many customers to select the users that "really" had to have web access.

That all ended with ACT 2009 "Corporate" LIcensing package which automatically included BOTH ACT! Premium & ACT Premium for Web (APFW), and gave all licensed users dual access for roughly the same price as single access. The "Coporate" pproduct is not available through retail channels as far as I'm aware, but is available through your local ACC or Sage directly.


People upgrading from 2008 to 2009 to take advantage of this dual access feature need to keep in mind that Act Premium for Web should NEVER be configured to run off a domain controller, as many previous ACT! databases may have been. It's not a huge problem, but the person in charge of implementing this upgrade should consider moving the database to a non-domain controller, or configuring APFW with it's own RDB file the synchs with the host database.


This may be more of an answer than you were looking for, but it is an important variable to consider.

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