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Act! 2008 (10.0) Premium EX Edition Re-Installation Into Windows 7

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Act! 2008 (10.0) Premium EX Edition Re-Installation Into Windows 7

I will precursor that this issue has happened to me twice. The product is Act! 2008 (10.0) Premium EX Edition. The system is a Toshiba NB505 netbook with Windows 7 Starter.


Originally installed program to this unit using the Restore As option from another Dell laptop unit. All was well for awhile. For reasons unrelated to this matter, I needed to uninstall and then reinstall the program, which is where the problem first appeared.


While performing the reinstallation process, it stopped with a message stated as follows:


The version of Act! that you are installing is older than your current version. You must uninstall your current version first.

(Not certain of exact wording in SECOND part of the above message. That part was from memory, but it's close enough for all intents and purposes)


I understand the PURPOSE it stated this. The reason was because the original installation was updated through Sage, the program and internet notices, and therefore, the installed version then became different than the version on the installation disk. THAT I get. What I don't understand is HOW and WHY the installation process could KNOW this when ANY AND ALL references and occurences of the originally installed program had been uninstalled. I even removed all references of the PROTEXIS licensing, SQL and NET programs as well. The unit was completely scoured using an advanced uninstaller
-AND- by following to the letter all removal procedures within the Sage Knowledgebase. I know all of these procedures without the use of the Sage Knowledgebase, but I wanted nothing slipping through the cracks and so decided to do it by the numbers. STILL, the reinstall stopped with that message. And before anyone blames the uninstaller I used, IT was NOT the cause. IT had absolutely NOTHING to do with this issue.


Finally, the only way I was eventually able to reinstall the program was because the hard drive crashed and a new one was installed. Once a new virgin drive was in place, the installation went without a hitch.


A year and a half later of using Act! in this netbook system, again, for reason not related to this issue, I needed to uninstall and reinstall Act!, and once more, the same issue, with absolutely NO avenues to circumvent it. I've tried EVERYTHING, including stainless steel and porcelain kitchen sinks and NOTHING, BUT NOTHING gets past this problem.


If anyone has ANY suggestions short of reformatting the drive and not going into the obvious and most basic of attempts I've already performed, I would be beyond grateful. And the program DOES work with Win 7 in case anyone wants to say that this old of a program only works up to XP. That is not so because as stated above, I had it working for long periods of time between each issue. If it didn't work, that would not have been the case. And, to keep in mind, the only time I had a problem with the program in this system was when I needed to reinstall it. Beyond the reinstallation, everything in the product worked as it should. So it's not the combination of 2008 and Win 7.


Please send me an E-mail if at all possible. E-mail is much easier for me, otherwise I'm hoping I will get mail notices when responses appear in this message board.



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Re: Act! 2008 (10.0) Premium EX Edition Re-Installation Into Windows 7

Hello Peterb315,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Unfortunately it would be hard to determine which registry key is causing the re-install to fail.  It would most likely take a manual search on 'ACT' through the registry to locate it.  You may be able to get past this message by installing with a later build of ACT! 2008 installation files.


Please see your Private Notes for a link to download the last build of ACT! 2008 Premium.



Greg Martin