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Act 2007 Schedule Activity - Contacts button inoperative using W2K8 terminal services TSapp mode

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Act 2007 Schedule Activity - Contacts button inoperative using W2K8 terminal services TSapp mode



In order to improve useability of our Act! 2007 Premium for workgroups via VPN connections over GPRS for some of our remote users, we are trying to set up a Windows 2008 Terminal Services TSApp environment which allows us RDP access to just the Act! application rather than the whole RDP desktop of the W2K8 server. Initial testing has proved to be very successful and seems to provide the performance that we were hoping to achieve.


We have, however, come across one problem that seems to have become a sticking point that is stopping us from being able to deploy this solution.


In the calendar mode when scheduling a new meeting, if it is required that additional contacts are added to the scheduled meeting, the "Contacts" button in the "Schedule With:" part of the "Schedule Activity" screen doesn't seem to work correctly. When you click on this button, the pull down list showing "Select Contacts...", "New Contact..." and "My Record" appears very briefly and then disappears before you can make a selection. I have tried many ways using both keyboard and mouse to try and select these entities with no avail. The same thing also happens if I try and ammend an existing scheduled meeting to add more contacts to that meeting. If we access Act! by RDP'ing to the whole W2K8 desktop, this problem doesn't occur, but the higher network bandwidth required to display the whole desktop does significantly impact performance.


Does anyone have any idea how we can get around this issue? Either by advising how we can get this pull down list to work properly or by advising an alternative mechanism by which we can add additional contacts to a scheduled meeting.


Any help or advice that anyone can give us would be very much appreciated.